The cruciform church building was designed by G. Fowler Jones and was originally built in 1845 as an Episcopal church situated in Nairn over one hundred miles away. After it fell into disuse it was acquired by the congregation and taken down stone by stone. It was then shipped by sea all the way up the east coast of Scotland, across the Pentland Firth and the treacherous waters of Cape Wrath, all the way down to the village of Lochinver where it was re-erected by the architect John Robertson in 1901-1903.

A plaque in the church commemorates James Gordon’s role in this enterprise as his family came from Nairn The Gordon family had a fleet of schooners, which they used to transport the dismantled church, which was bought by the congregation, to Lochinver. The interior of the building was refurbished in 2022, and with a new carpet and the installation of an under pew heating system, it is a very warm and comfortable space for worship services and other events. The building has great acoustics and is a great venue for Songs of Hope music events, featuring local singers and musicians.